AS3 Animation System v2.0 :: Beta

[Update: June 2nd, 2007]
v2 is now live.

v2: Because you deserve better.

The new system has been described as the hottest thing since 70′s flight attendants. The management system and virtual timeline system have been merged into one package along with a bunch of amazing new features, full-blown documentation, and a large collection of example files that range from basic to advanced topics. Here are just a few of the new features that will enhance your lifestyle:

    - Easily create motion paths for display objects with the option to auto-orient to path.
    - Advanced animation control using paths as value maps.
    - Specify the render method (enter frame or timer) on a per animation basis for all animations.
    - Even more extensible than it already was with a new structure and additional interfaces.
    - Complete animation event support using start, stop, change, and finish events.
    - Full-blown documentation using ASDoc (same as Adobe livedocs).
    - Large collection of example files to help you get familiar with the system faster than ever.

This system is a developers best friend. With strictly enforced OOP best practices, naming conventions, and plenty of commenting – you will be hard-pressed to find an animation system with more elegant, readable code. As a result, you are left with a system that you can easily customize and add on to for your individual needs.

Are you an AS3 baller? Beta testers are needed…

I am in need of a small team of beta testers to test out the new system before the public launch. As a beta tester, I will be looking to you for bug reports, system suggestions, and feature requests. If you are a Flash or Flex developer with a knowledge of AS3 and are interested in participating in the beta, please email me at:

rtaylor11 [-at-]

Again, I will only be accepting a limited number of applicants so, if you are interested, get in touch with me as soon as possible.


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  2. [...] [Update: April 30, 2007] Version 2.0 is now in beta. [/Update] [...]

  3. [...] AS 3 Animation System Beta I happen to like animation systems. There are always the cases where a task is too simple to justify the weight of an animation package or too complex for the package. I don’t mind writing those cases myself. For everything else, it’s nice to have a packaged system. Looks like there is a new animation package under development for AS 3 programmers by Ryan Taylor. The description of this package is very interesting and he’s currently looking for beta testers. Check it out here, . [...]

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