Just Launched: NBA Game Time for Android and iPhone

You’ve probably noticed that, once again, my blog has been a little slow the past month or so. I have a pretty good excuse though – I have been working away on an exciting new mobile project at Schematic. We once again joined forces with the fine people at Turner Sports (the same group that we worked with on PGA Tour Shot Tracker), this time to be the first team ever to launch the same application for both the Android and iPhone platforms on the same day.

NBA Game Time

The application I am speaking of is NBA Game Time; it has already begun receiving some great reviews less than 24 hours after launch.

This time around I wasn’t leading up the iPhone development, but rather the Android development – a big first for me. I learned a ton along the way and will definitely be sharing my thoughts and findings in a thorough blog post sometime in the near future. The credits for the two applications are as follows:

Concept/Design: Turner Sports
iPhone Development: Turner Sports
Android Development: Schematic

Coordinating the development of the same application on two completely different platforms was certainly a bit challenging, but the end result was definitely worth the effort. Both applications are free downloads from the Android Market and iTunes App Store, respectively.

We’ll be rolling out some updates in the weeks to come for supporting playoffs. In the meantime, if you happen to try one of the apps out, I would love to hear your feedback!


NBA Game Time is Gizmodo’s Android App of the Week!

New featured article on Mobile Marketer: Mobile apps are all about offering good customer service: Schematic.


8 Comments so far

  1. Barron April 7th, 2009 9:19 am

    It’s a sweet app, but the 3.6MB file size is kind of big (at least on Android). Until we can store apps on the SD card, I will have to hold off.

  2. Jim Pickering April 7th, 2009 9:35 am

    A trend that will catch on like a wildfire, undoubtedly – developing the same apps for iPhone and Android (not just iPhone). I’m especially curious to hear about your adventures with Android. Also wondering if coding apps for Android will be necessary, after Adobe launches Flash Player 10 for Android. Seems like Flash circumvents the need to learn how to code for Android, just code for Adobe AIR with Flex/AS3 – currently still a theory, except for Adobe insiders. What do you think about that?

  3. Ryan Taylor April 7th, 2009 1:43 pm

    Thanks guys.

    Barron – Yeah, the actual APK file on OS X is 1.8MB, but it is much bigger on the device under the different file system. We are working on optimizing things to bring the file size down as much as possible. It is really an unfortunate hardware limitation though. :-/

  4. Bobby Sattler April 7th, 2009 2:39 pm

    I’ve been waiting 3 seasons for this app. Bravo.

  5. Alan Queen April 8th, 2009 3:17 pm

    Dood, you rock. Congrats. I Want to hear about how easy/hard it was for the Android version.

  6. Ricky April 14th, 2009 10:08 am

    Unfortunately it’s not yet available in the UK market…. Any chance of sending the .apk to my supplied email address?

  7. Ryan Taylor April 14th, 2009 2:10 pm

    Ricky – The NBA has only granted rights for distribution in the US; this is well beyond my control. I have been asking if there are any plans to loosen that up to more markets, but it doesn’t sound likely. Sorry man!

  8. Ricky April 15th, 2009 6:58 am

    No probs! I’ll have to stick to watching from a pc!

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